Bajofondo Does it Again!

By Omar Torres-Kortright

There are few artists that can pack a show on a cold Monday night in Chicago, let alone two shows. But when Bajofondo scheduled their US tour for the release of their new album “Presente” and offered the least popular night of the week for their Chicago performance, Old Town School of Folk Music’s Mateo Mulcahy did not hesitate. After all, Mateo produced Bajofondo’s 2009 show at the House of Blues for the Mar Dulce Tour with great success. The main risk of this presentation had to do with a different formula this time around, which included a smaller seated venue, two shows instead of one, and that day of the week that every promoter dreads.

The efforts around this show included a collaboration with WYCC’s Musicology Series recorded live at The Old Town School of Folk Music. The good news for those who missed the show last Monday is that it was recorded for posterity and it will air sometime in the month of April along with a number of other live shows that comprise this incredible live music series. That’s precisely why Bajofondo (who normally don’t play at seated venues) agreed to perform at the Gary & Laura Maurer Theater, one of Chicago’s most intimate concert halls. The result of this unique agreement was an up-close-and-personal (almost religious experience) for the fans.

Enjoy the pictures (by Omar Torres-Kortright) and don’t miss the Musicology Series at OTS.

The inaugural season of Musicology: Live from the Old Town School of Folk Music debuts Friday, April 19, 2013 on WYCC at 9:00 PM (CST) immediately following Austin City Limits.

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